Utah Rock Hunting

Sitting at my friend's house,
Figan, she informed me that sage brush was every where, and telephone poles were not. We had a good laugh or two remembering old times and discussing the good ones ahead.
Here is where the story starts.

Sage Brush

Coming out of the mountains where she lives I snapped off a few pictures.
Clouds were everywhere, but very
little rain, rain is a commodity in Utah.

Water is freely flowing from the mountains and fills the rivers and gullies this time of year.

I recommend Utah at the end of May!
In the 70's and 80's in the day, and cool at night, and the humidity is low!

If you are rock hunting make sure to stop in the
West Desert Collectors rock shop located in Delta Utah….. pick up their free guide to Millard County , it's like a free holy grail to rock hunting in the area!!!! And remember an Atlas of Utah too!

Say hi to Jay Spor for me!

We went for the trilobites first, down what they refer to as a well maintained gravel road…..as you get closer to your destination the roads are not so well maintained.
There is more than one place to hunt for trilobites down this road. The
U-Dig, New Dig, and for some small free ones go to the House Mountain Range, Marjum Canyon  and look on the left side of the road for shale.
Page 34 of the Utah Atlas

Trilobites from the New Dig site in two hours I had more than enough, shipped 3 large all you can stuff boxes home….make sure to pack them end on end to ship….and lots of bubble wrap!

The clouds chased us out of the New Dig for trilobites but only a few drops caught us…...and seemed to make Figan's car even dirtier……

We had to stop in the
West Desert Collectors rock shop on the way  and pick up a few pretties….

If you need a place to stay, here it is! Best motel in Delta!
Deltan on the main drag in Delta is reasonably priced and cleaner than most in the area …...have a nice stay!

Highways 6 and 50 lead to almost everything!

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